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                                                                School-Based Counseling

 Hananiah understands when performance pressure, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, alcohol and suicidal ideation exists within our families and communities, it is only logical that it will be exhibited within the teacher and student population as well. 

Teachers and school staff are historically trained for the primary purpose of advancing educational goals. However, with each passing year it is becoming increasingly clear that unless we, as a community address the prevalent psycho-social issues present in our schools the academic goals and objectives will be greatly diminished.

Hananiah Christian Counseling Ministry works in partnership with Agee Fashion Institute-Preparatory Academy to provide counseling services to students  struggling in an effort to mitigate attrition at the Academy. 

Hananiah supports Agee Fashion Institute-Preparatory Academy in keeping students positive and focused on success. Students surpass systematic concerns of dropout, to successful completion of program requirements. 

*AFI advanced 4 designers and 1 makeup artist to their second year at the academy.

  Visit: AFI-PA at: http://www.afi-pa.com/ 

If you are an AFI-PA student and would like counseling, please fill out the contact us form and be sure to mention that you are affiliated with AFI-PA.

​Because Healthy Students Are Successful Students. ​