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 Dear Reader,

While most of what I'm about to say is true for adults in the same environment or under the same circumstances, I'm addressing students (children) in particular here. I hear a lot of children getting judged harshly when they do not live up to adult behavior expectations or scholastically. It is my hope that adults will show MORE compassion towards our youth. 


Trauma Induced Disabilities” Have you ever heard of the term?

When children are surrounded by an environment of domestic violence or community gang activity, they go to school traumatized. They have witnessed one or perhaps repeated fights, shootings and beatings which impairs their ability to learn at school, leaving them too preoccupied to focus. This often leads to poor grades or even suspensions, depending on how the child may act out in class. Trauma-induced disabilities, are not recognized by the School Districts; therefore, children are denied legal rights to an equal education.

Learning requires a state of attentive calm. There is a lawsuit currently taking place to address students with, "trauma induced" disabilities; they, too, should be entitled to accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the same way students with ADHD and other learning disabilities are today.

New research shows repeated exposure to trauma causes both long-term and immediate damage to developing brains and bodies. 

Please join me in supporting and praying for our youth. 

Dr. Crystal

Where there is life, there is hope.

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