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Hananiah Christian Counseling and Wellness Center is a nondenominational, community nonprofit agency providing affordable, high quality, professional outpatient counseling, and support services to adolescents, adults, and families who have experienced trauma, abuse or other challenging life events. We understand that trauma and abuse are deeply distressing, isolating, exhausting and confusing. We take a holistic approach to healing. Therapy, and Pastoral soul care are used as a way to address the cognitive blocks that may be causing you biological, psychological, social, and/or spiritual distress. We engage the mind, body and soul in the therapeutic process. If you have experienced the unexpected loss of a loved one, witnessed or been the victim of a crime or suffered emotional or sexual abuse, you have experienced a traumatic life event. You may also be experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms. People with a history of trauma or abuse often struggle with PTSD which leads to depression, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions, flashbacks, and self-injurious behaviors. Staying alone with your trauma and abuse experiences does NOT help you heal. 

The stressful thoughts and feelings after trauma may continue for a long time and interfere with everyday life. For people who continue to feel the effects of the trauma, it is important to seek professional help. Some signs that an individual may need help include:
      * Worrying a lot or feeling very anxious, sad, or fearful
      * Crying often
      * Having trouble thinking clearly
      * Intrusive memories (frightening thoughts, reliving the experience)
      * Feelings of angry
      * Nightmares or difficulty sleeping

Physical responses to trauma may also mean that an individual needs help. Physical symptoms may include:
     * Headaches
     * Stomach pain and digestive issues
     * Feeling tired
     * Racing heart and sweating
     * Being very jumpy and easily startled

Good mental health enables people to realize their full potential, cope with the stresses of life, work productively and have healthy relationships. Our highly trained pastoral mental health and social work professionals specialize in helping to resolve the impacts of complex traumatic experiences. We address what prior trauma or abuse has had on your relationships, your body, and your emotions.  Traditional health therapists most often leave issues of faith outside their office doors, even for patients who are religious. We use an integrative body-mind-spirit therapeutic approach and a variety of treatment techniques designed to help clients understand the impact of trauma in their lives. We also address any unhealthy patterns that you might struggle with, such as emotional eating, drinking too much and other compulsive patterns that you may have developed when healthier and more effective self-care strategies were not available to you. 

At Hananiah, the environment is safe, affordable, comfortable and confidential. We strive to address the needs of our clients responsibly with kindness, and compassion. Help is here.





Partial List of  Services

 *Individual and

  Family Counseling
 * Crisis & Abuse

​ * Trauma 

 * Suicide 

 * Addiction 

 * Sexual Therapy

 * Anxiety/Stress

 * Life Coaching


Where there is life, there is hope.

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We believe that healthy people are vital in creating healthy and successful communities. We serve as change agents who help build thriving Urban communities and support for healthy relationships that can prevail over trauma, abuse, addiction and violence. We envision a world where all communities can pursue social, economic, educational, and spiritual wellness. 



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We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. Donations are tax deductible. Our Tax ID # 83-1531624. We provide cost-effective services that achieve the best and highest use of public and private resources.

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